Leading the way in energy transition and utilities contracting.

We are committed to leading the way in utilities and energy transition contracting; our mission is to innovate and deliver sustainability. OCU’s passion for addressing complex challenges brings new standards of growth in our people and capabilities.

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2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements

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Our capabilities

From project conception to completion, our expert support comes as a fully managed turnkey service.


Design and Feasibility

Collaborative creation of feasibility plans and design concepts for projects and work programmes in all sectors and size ranges.


Planning and Scheduling

Planning, scheduling, coordinating and monitoring work activities, milestones and actions across a wide range of projects and task delivery workbanks utilising industry standard planning and programming tools and our own bespoke work management system, 'Brabus'.


Stakeholder Communication

Through our Stakeholder Management approach and our ‘Brabus’ work management system, our project and contract teams are able to liaise with customers, clients and third party stakeholders to achieve efficient, timely and effective communication.


Operational Delivery

Planning, building and efficiently delivering a huge variety of project, connections and network outputs and milestones to maintain our industry leading reputation of safe delivery.


Commissioning and Handover

Full testing, commissioning, and handover of projects as necessary to ensure a smooth transition from construction to project in use by the end customer.

Our markets

We work in a wide range of sectors from Power and Energy Transition, through to the Water and Telecoms industries. We operate above and below ground in infrastructure and non-infrastructure environments.

Our vastly experienced Horizontal Directional Drilling division operates across all of our sectors, ensuring that we can deal with the most difficult of engineering challenges. Our work within each sector has one thing in common; a continuous commitment to a high-quality, robust, client and customer focussed solution.