OCU Opals and OCU Group: A Seamless Integration Boosting Capability and Capacity

Posted on: Sep 18, 2023

Posted by: OCU Group

The integration of OCU Opals into OCU Group has been progressing at an impressive pace, exceeding all objectives and setting new industry standards. This update aims to highlight the key elements that have made this integration a resounding success.

An Ever-Growing Fleet

One of the most visible signs of the successful integration is the expansion of the OCU Opals fleet. The fleet now includes new and enhanced specification large commercial HGVs, including 32T Tipper Grabs and 18T Hot Boxes which underpins the investment in industry leading plant and equipment to deliver for our clients into the future.

OCU Opals Leadership: The Man at the Wheel

Sam Hodge, the Managing Director and founder of OCU Opals, has been instrumental in the rapid pace of integration. Under his leadership, the team has grown to over 250 professionals. Hodge has previously been recognised as Young Entrepreneur of the Year and an Enterprising Young Brits finalist.

Insights from OCU Leadership: Michael Hughes, CEO of OCU Group

“OCU Opals is like adding an extra engine to our already robust vehicle. It not only enhances our capability but also significantly boosts our capacity. The pace of this integration is a testament to the alignment of our goals and the incredible talent on both sides.”

Unprecedented Capacity Increase

The integration has led to a remarkable increase in capacity. Teams from OCU Opals are now working closely with their colleagues across OCU Group, learning new skills and taking on large projects. This cross-collaboration is not only enhancing individual skill sets but also accelerating the completion of projects at an unprecedented rate.

Capability: Full-Service Solutions

OCU Opals provides comprehensive network infrastructure solutions, from design and build to management and maintenance. The integration has fortified OCU Group’s presence in the East Midlands and East of England, making OCU Opals a key link in delivering expert full fibre network services.

Sectors: A Multi-Faceted Approach

OCU Opals has seamlessly blended its capabilities in network design, build, installation, and maintenance with civil engineering and utility services. This has enabled them to provide end-to-end communication networks services for some of the UK’s biggest network operators and technology vendors.

The Road Ahead

The integration has not only enabled OCU Opals to scale rapidly but has also enriched the capabilities of the wider OCU Group. The future looks promising as the combined workforce is geared up to take on new challenges and opportunities.

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