Andrews Associates and OCU Group: A Strategic Integration Amplifying Engineering Design and Reach

The acquisition of Andrews Associates by OCU Group in 2022 has been a meticulously engineered move to expand the Group’s engineering design offerings in the London and South of England markets. This update aims to spotlight the key elements that have contributed to the seamless integration and mutual growth of both entities.

A Legacy of Excellence

Andrews Associates has been a leader in power systems design and engineering since 1947. With a rich history of working on global projects, including the award-winning Kings Yard Energy Centre during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the company brings unparalleled engineering design expertise to OCU Group.

Leadership: Guiding the Way

Richard Nosek, the Lead Engineer at Andrews Associates, has been steering the company towards new horizons. His leadership is instrumental in the smooth integration process, ensuring that the company’s engineering design capabilities are fully leveraged within the OCU Group.

Insights from the Leadership: Vince Bowler, COO of OCU Services, said:

“Integrating Andrews Associates into OCU Group is akin to adding a masterstroke in a complex engineering blueprint. It not only amplifies our engineering design capabilities but also extends our reach, especially in the London and South of England markets. The integration has been smooth, and we’re excited about the value this brings to our group.”

Capability: A Global Perspective

Andrews Associates offers a broad spectrum of civil engineering solutions, specialising in commercial, industrial, and educational power systems. Their global experience, including projects in Dubai and Nigeria, enriches OCU Group’s engineering design portfolio and extends its reach.

Sectors and Services: Powering the Future

Andrews Associates excels in planning, design, and engineering across various sectors, including commercial, industrial, educational, and residential projects. Their services range from Power Systems Design – such as Concept Design, FEED, and Renewable Energy Design – to Civil Engineering and Utility Services using Interactive 3D Design and Risk Assessment.

The Road Ahead

The integration has not only expanded Andrews Associates’ engineering design capabilities but has also significantly broadened the reach of OCU Group in the London and South of England markets. The future is bright as the combined expertise is set to tackle new engineering design challenges and explore new opportunities.

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