NPg – Substations and Switchgear

OCU Utility Services were appointed as the contractor required to deliver 60 substation & switchgear replacement projects across Yorkshire and the Northeast. All works are completed in a manner in which the minimum risks are introduced to the operation of the NPg Distribution Network.

Scope of Works

The schemes cover substation and switchgear replacement projects within indoor and outdoor substations; covering a mixture of equipment types within the Northeast and Yorkshire licence areas, Activities include, but are not limited to;

  • 11kV switchgear replacements
  • LV board replacements
  • Transformer Replacement
  • Installation of UDE’s
  • Installation of link boxes
  • HV and LV cable installations
  • HV cable jointing
  • Decommissioning and removal of obsolete equipment from site

OCU develop a Fixed Price Proposal for each scheme to complete all of the works covered in the individual project scope. The Fixed Price Proposal includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Resources required to complete the works
  • Plant and equipment required to complete the works
  • Excavation work as required
  • Provision of all traffic management and NRSWA requirements
  • All ground conditions encountered

In addition, the Fixed Price Proposal takes into consideration all of the points covered below, equipment is supplied free issue by NPg.

  • Programme / project management activities
  • Management of free issue plant and materials provided by NPg
  • Site surveys, installations, testing and commissioning/re-commissioning of all apparatus required to complete the contract.
  • Arranging necessary interruptions of supply including the management of the Planned Power Cut (PPC) system in line with NPg’s code of practice guidelines (reference CUS/002/005/001 – Planned Power Cuts – Safeguarding Customers’ Welfare)
  • Liaison with NPg Control department for organising network access and submission of appropriate paperwork
  • Compliance with CDM regulations where appropriate
  • Confirming access to 3rd party land and liaise with all affected landowners and occupiers regarding access arrangements
  • Obtaining the appropriate safe dig plans and liaison with statutory undertakers where necessary to carry out work on site
  • Co-ordinating the deployment, connection, and disconnection of generators
  • Meeting NPg’s customer service obligations
  • Compliance with and co-ordination of all relevant street work requirements including NRASWA Chapter 8 Signing and Guarding
  • Environmental, waste and scrap metal management
  • Ensuring asset records and “as laid” drawings are supplied/updated within the timeframe laid out in the conditions of the contract

The schemes for inclusion in this contract are/were chosen on them being straight forward switchgear replacements only. Scheme descriptions and drawings were included as part of the tender information.  Unless otherwise stated in the scheme description, excavations for the HV jointing will be within the substation grounds, a new “dry” box is installed, the HV loop will be replaced (where applicable) and no modifications will be required to the plinth.

OCU has a duty of care to NPg and its objectives and takes reasonable steps to ensure that good grantor relations are maintained at all times.