NPg – Cable Engineering Services

Throughout our works on the Cable Engineering Services (CES) Framework up to 33kV on behalf of Northern Powergrid (NPg), OCU are fully responsible for providing a full turnkey solution across the service delivery contract.

The planning and scheduling of these high-volume, low-value works naturally form a key part of the process; activities of which have to be organised across the whole of NPg’s operational area; from Northumberland and County Durham in the North, to South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire in the South. This large network is divided into nine separate operating zones, classified according to their characteristics as below:

Industrial: Teeside and Humber Estuary

Urban: South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear

Rural: Northumberland, County Durham, Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire Moors, Wolds and North Lincolnshire

On the Cable Engineering Services Framework, OCU undertakes work across a multitude of workstreams, as described below:

  • Asset Cable Installation (ACI)
  • Asset Restoration and Repairs (ARR)
  • Asset Service Replacement (ASR)
  • Asset Smart Meters (ASM)
  • Customer Diversion Works (CDW)
  • Customer Service Alterations (CSA)
  • Customer Service Alteration Surveys
  • Low Voltage Plant (LVP)
  • News Connections Large (NCL)
  • News Connections Small (NCS)
  • News Connections Unmetered (NCU)
  • 24/7 Fault Restoration Works

OCU manages the cradle-to-grave process, including job receipt matters, appointment setting, customer calls, system updates, surveying, planning, scheduling, letter/card dropping, materials acquisition/issue, site-set-up (SLG and TM), excavation, installation, jointing, backfill, reinstatement, site clear, hand-held device activities, as-laid’s provision, document control items, commercial close-down and final system updates.