OCU Group announces partnership with Womens Utility Network

Posted on: Mar 14, 2024

Posted by: OCU Group

We are thrilled to share that we have partnered with Womens Utility Network (WUN). To celebrate this milestone, Julia Stichling from the team at WUN was warmly welcomed at our OCU Head Office in Stockport.

Womens Utility Network is open for both men and women to be a part of, and we encourage everyone to join. At the heart of OCU Group’s operations is a deep-seated belief in the power of diversity and inclusivity, mirroring the principles championed by the Womens Utilities Network (WUN) since their establishment in 2018. The utilities sector is becoming more diverse over time, and by signing up, you can be a part of this exciting change.

If you join the network, you can expect free monthly events, and opportunities to become a mentee or a mentor of new talent arising within the industry.

Julia Stichling, WUN Advocate, said:

“Becoming a world class infrastructure provider is OCU’s vision and the key role they play in the utilities sector is clearly visible.

“We’re excited to see OCU now partner up with WUN to establish a partnership that will help foster diversity in the utilities industry.”

Adrian O’Sullivan, COO of OCU Utilities, said:

“OCU’s partnership with Womens Utilities Network (WUN) strengthens our initiatives for diversity and creating a workforce with the best people in utilities contracting.

“This collaboration aligns with our vision to lead the way in utilities contracting in the UK and is a key part of our people initiatives.”

As OCU continues to grow, this partnership is vital in our journey to becoming a truly inclusive business.

Thank you to the men and women from across the OCU family for working together to shape not only our business but also lead the agenda on an inclusive utilities and energy sector in the UK.