OCU Group recycles IT and equipment with SE Recycling and donates £544 to OCU Foundation

Posted on: Apr 18, 2024

Posted by: OCU Group

OCU Group (OCU) has been working in partnership with SE Recycling since 2001 to recycle end-of-life IT and hardware electrical equipment. SE Recycling is an IT and electronics battery recycling operation for end-of-life electronic equipment. Anything that has a plug, they can take and either give a new lease of life, extending life span up to five years, or break down into component parts, including the materials. The aim is to maximise the footprint of IT and electrical equipment to reduce waste and create a more sustainable use of technology.  ‘Nothing goes to landfill’, is SE Recycling’s ethos.

Recently, OCU Group recycled laptops and mobile phones in partnership with SE Recycling, successfully raising £544.83 for the OCU Foundation and their chosen charity of the year Teenage Cancer Trust.

OCU Foundation

In September 2023 OCU Group launched the OCU Foundation. OCU Group is committed to making a difference to the lives of the communities it works in and also the amazing people who make the company what it is. Through our volunteering and fundraising activity, we believe we can turn our ambition into reality. Each year the OCU Foundation will support a national charity that shares our geographic footprint and company values. OCU works throughout the UK and each year the Foundation chooses a charity that shares our national footprint. We will then seek to make a material difference to the chosen organisation, primarily through OCU volunteering and fundraising activity. This year we are delighted to be supporting Teenage Cancer Trust.

To learn more about OCU Foundation, please visit our website:


The Teenage Cancer Trust

The Teenage Cancer Trust is a remarkable organisation that provides vital support to teenagers and young adults battling cancer. Over the next 12 months, the Foundation will not only contribute financially, but also dedicate its time and effort to support this worthy cause. To learn more about the Teenage Cancer Trust and the incredible work they do, please visit their website:


SE Recycling

Established in 2013, SE Recycling are a leading UK IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider, securely recycling and refurbishing redundant IT equipment while offering potential rebates. Their facility boasts a 40,000 sq ft warehouse, with the ability to process in excess of 80,000 WEEE items per month.