OCU TV Article – Data Protection

OCU Group recognises the importance of implementing data protection and safeguarding measures into our organisation, as protecting our colleague’s personal data is always a top priority.

As a company, we collect, use and share lots of personal data – not just from our employees, but our clients and their customers. Appointing Dean Hogarth as our Privacy and Data Protection Director has brought the focus on this topic to another level.

For Data Protection Day 2024, we brought awareness by releasing internal courses for colleagues to complete, information, and a video which explained everything people should know.

Data Protection Day is the 28th of January, this is because it is the same day that Convention 108 was signed in 1981. It was one of the first treaties in which all the countries involved promised to take data protection seriously.

Dean Hogarth, Privacy and Data Protection Director, said,

“I’m responsible for making sure that we as a business comply with Data Protection Law.

“Data Protection Law sets out obligations when it comes to processing personal data and that is an example of our values, which is why I have been embedded into the business.

“After Data Protection Day we are launching some new e-learning, policies and guides to protect our personal data, not just in work but in our personal lives as well.”

To hear more about the services that we have in place to protect important data, watch our OCU TV episode: