OCU TV Article – OCU Evolution at the London EV Show

Through OCU Evolution, we provide sustainable and innovative charging solutions which are installed, connected and maintained by our experts.

OCU Group decided, in early 2023, that the EV market was important to have an influence in. We already had the skillset in house to deliver, so it was only right to create a new expansion of the company to focus on getting our name into the industry.

From power suppliers to charger manufacturers, through OCU Evolution we are connected to a broad network of specialists. We also have high voltage and low voltage experience to deliver into the market, as well as specialist civil engineering skills.

There is undoubtedly a huge gap in the market, and we have made it our mission to be the number one name.

Richard King, OCU Evolution Operations Manager, said,

“At OCU Evolution we are an EV centric business, but we also look at microgrids. We are looking at new technologies and hardware providers to make sure that their product is fit for our needs.

“We are doing that from self-delivery and using a series of contractors to make sure that we are truly national, and our product is unparalleled.”

The four marketplaces our fantastic OCU Evolution team are predominantly focusing on are:

  1. Destination Charging
  2. Network Operators
  3. Workplace and Fleet
  4. Heavy Commercial

We are with clients every step of the way through our planning, designing, implementing, commissioning and maintenance capabilities. Whether you are a network operator, a visionary business, or a landowner with dreams of a sustainable tomorrow, OCU Evolution can support in your embarkment on the electrification adventure.

Mike Cafferky, OCU Evolution Operations Director, added,

“My involvement since day one has been setting a strategy for getting into those marketplaces and building a team to help deliver that.

“Now we are very much into bidding for new works and making enquiries and frameworks for people to get the new infrastructure in place.”

At the London EV Show 2023, which was held at the ExCeL Centre, our team had the opportunity to showcase our services to anyone interested in the electric evolution.

The event was held over three days, featuring guest speakers from the different companies getting on board with the UK’s net zero mission. Our very own Pinder Kang expressed a few words too.

Zahra Naji, HR Assistant, said,

“Our stand at the show was slightly different to the others, we were showing people how we install the chargers, whereas there was a lot of manufacturers.

“I wanted to familiarise people with OCU Evolution, they had all heard about OCU’s capabilities, but I wanted to spread the word about our new brand.”

To see the amazing OCU Evolution team in action at the event and hear more about the services that we electrify the industry with, make sure to watch our OCU TV episode: