OCU TV Article – Traffic Management

Posted on: Feb 19, 2024

Posted by: OCU Group

OCU Group are leading the way in energy transition and utilities contracting. We are committed to safety, which is why we have our very own Traffic Management division. By implementing measures such as pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, we significantly reduce the risk of accidents and protect lives.

Our Traffic Management division can be found in various parts of the UK, maintaining the safety and ease of road users, pedestrians and other members of the public through innovative signing, lighting and guarding measures.

The team have responsibilities such as installing, maintaining and removing any temporary traffic management measures. This includes cones, signs, frames and sandbags on low-speed roads.

Joel Francis, Regional Head of Traffic Management, said,

“In the Traffic Management division, no two days are the same.

“We have (in house) some of the leading traffic lights on the market today, and they last 20 days in total.

“If a project lasts longer than this, we have on call officers within OCU Traffic Management who will assess, resolve and prevent any potential problems.

“OCU is quickly growing, as we continue to acquire more companies into the business and begin new and exciting projects, so it would be useful to expand our team.”

OCU Group have multiple Traffic Management positions available, reporting from our Deeside and Manchester depots.

The team are working on numerous long-term contracts, lasting several years. These include three different Scottish Power schemes, ENWL, Virgin Media, City Fibre and United Utilities.

If you are interested in starting a career with our rapidly-growing Traffic Management Team and want to learn more about the perks of doing so, check out the website below.